Ace Bushy Striptease

Ace Bushy tour - Sunday 22nd - Monday 23rd March

Sunday 22nd March


Tour again! Again not really because it's only two dates but fuckit was I going to give up the chance to shove yet more irrepresible bullshit down your collective sockets.

I am VERY excited. We have never played Bristol before, and Bas and I have never been period. Simon said it's ~just~ like Skins and I'm donning all my best nu-rave attire accordingly*, and will probably be gushing stereotypes all day.

I am downstairs in Simon's house. He is upstairs making a tour mix CD. I listened to to his last mix in the car after switching from sporadic reports from the City Ground, as Fulham went about their business in the foreground. The reports went: dour match - dour match - dour match - HT - dour match - dour match - Kightly drilled bottom corner - dour math - FT. I had to stop myself bouncing around the car in glee and spinning around the M40 like my head was.

Nuria and Simon are in the living room now, talking. I am telling them how it is rude for me to write. We are having a lovely conversation about Minge Tout.


We have arrived at The Junction!!! Today's event starts at 16:00 so we are quite early I think. There are two men at the bar. I have a lovely Thatcher's cider. Win!
The venue seems awesome! Small but with cool high stage a bit. We have been given ACTUALLY AMAZING 'programme' zines of the day, which are beautifully illustrated and have a write up of EACH band! Ours is full of nice things I'm not sure we merit but if people feel they want to scream at the top of their lungs that's swell.
Another band has just arrived but I defo don't have the guts to say Hi, especially with B & S gone to get cash.

I sit in the corner with Thatchers.

The poster is amazing too!

I might read Dune: Messiah now. Maybe a pretty girl who likes Dune will come over.

Monday 23rd March


We are in Amy's kkkkkitchen. She is making us sandwiches. AMAZING! I have had quite a few Thatchers. My dear cousin is here. Today was incredible fun! More later maybe!



It's stopped raining! We are back in Brum. We went on SUCH the adventure here. What happened is this:

Yesterday, because we are boring social reprobates maybe, we got really excited that The Junction was on the same road (nearly) as Bas' house near Villa Park (the A38)! So we figured on the way home we'd fuck the motorways and just head north on the A38 'til we got there. So we left at 7:30 to beat the traffic police creatures lurking around Stokes Croft and went on our merry way through awesome places like CLAM and HAM and DROITWICH SPA and GLOUCESTER and TEWKESBURY and WORCESTER and we listened to Tom and Greg Aeronauts' mix CDs full of Stevie Wonder and Weezer. FUN TIMES! DON'T YOU WISH YOU WERE IN THIS FUN BAND!


Bas hid in his hoody and slept for the duration, except for the final 30 minutes in south Birmingham where he mysteriously erupted into song after some hula hoops.


Gig yesterday was so good! Thank you Antifolk Part Deux aka Jonathan and Rob! People actually danced! Usually when I say this I mean they moved their hips a little but this time they left the ground and everything! Sometimes All Dayers can lull can't they, but the lineup was perfect so it was amazing. Personal favourites were Little My, Ratface and Clayton Buzzard. Pagan Wanderer Lu was also celebrity spotted in the early audience.


There were quite a lot of pretty girls and one had a wicked brown jumper and then ended up being Poppy from Poppy and Friends which was embarassing for me in front of the two people I told but not really. The drummer had an ace jumper too and he used my crap cymbals! Pop fact! They were ace too.


Tired now. Rainbow later with serious people. Maybe get some recordings back.

Oh, w8! I neArLy killed Ace Bushy on the A38! There was this well longslow tanker and I went to overtake and this car appeared from NOWHERE and it was SO TIGHT a little bit of poo maybe came out. Me and Bas were scared shitless but Simon was apparently "completely confident" and was indeed still dancing a bit I think. We were THIS CLOSE to being minor celebrity legacies.
OK end now. Ben from the forthcoming kitchen gig and Editions de Minuit has made us v. happy today. Thanks Ben!


Tuesday 24th March

It's been quite a long time since last night's gig now but I have been quite a lot tired and things and quite a lot driving. I was on a bit of a downer after it to be honest. I mean, PNEU and Shield Your Eyes were INCREDIBLE and played us off the park I felt. We were (and i've gushed this crap analogy to at least six people) Mansfield Town playing in La Liga. Also I fucked up all the songs.

But Bas cheered me up on the short drive to his house by saying it was less different leagues, more different sports.

AND THEN we got the recordings back!
ACE! :D thanx Dom!!!

*actually woolen jumper and jeans

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